Spain. I'm Mari.
Con muchos vicios: Michael Jackson, Dexter, TBBT, HIMYM.. etc etc... últimamente el mayor de ellos es The Avengers con Robert Downey Jr. (aii omá, ¡qué hombre!) y Supernatural, mayormente Dean (babas) y Castiel ... Maestra del trolleo y una frikaza, que se le va a lo que hay. (; I reblog about all my vices: Michael Jackson, Dexter, TTBT, HIMYM, The Avengers, especially Robert Downey Jr., Supernatural with Dean ( the perfect man) and Castiel... (;



INTERVIEWER: You guys had one of the best scenes, I thought, together
MARK: I loved that scene
INTERVIEWER: That was one of the best scenes. Did you guys really like that?


Dylan O’Brien - The winner of Breakthrough Actor Award speaks at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards